Saturday, April 12, 2014

This week we have been discussing the event I will throw for this class on EXMNA. Everyone isa really excited and some people are readily willing to participate and people even want me to film the event. The main concern we are having is whether I should invite the Muslim Student Association folks. On one hand, we believe they should know about EXMNA so there can be reduced animosity and more acceptance between the two groups, but on the other hand we have safety concerns.

Another big thing that has happened is that one of our members has come out as polyamorous. He believes he is capable of loving more that one gender/sex and multiple people at a time. Everyone has been really supportive to him. This has to do with our class for this week which was about gay rights (including LGBTQ) issues. It was awesome to read the words of advice and support offered to this member!

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