Saturday, April 26, 2014

EXMNA has affiliates in Britain (LEMC: London Ex-Muslim Council and CEMB: Council of Ex-Muslims in Britain) and one of the LEMC head members has written a post on EXMNA about a project he's working on so that EXMNA might do something similar if we think it is a good idea.

He is taking Quran classes at an "inclusive" mosque (which is called the "gay mosque" by Muslims who disagree with the mosque because they accept gay Muslims). This mosque is very liberal and  allows gay Muslims to worship there, which is pretty unheard of in the Muslim world. By taking Qur'an classes there, he is learning more about his ex religion so that he can approach people who are in vulnerable positions and are on the edge of becoming ex-Muslim and need someone who is knowledgeable in both Islam and secularism to talk with. By taking classes at this inclusive mosque, he is also creating a tie with the Muslim world. After all, the aim is not to shun them or be shunned by them but to create connections and harmony between the two groups and support those Muslims who include all those Muslims who are shunned by the mainstream Islam.

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