Saturday, March 15, 2014

Spring Break - extra post

One of our members (who ran away from home and her parents set Hezbollah to kidnap and torture her - she has gained asylum in the US since) has a blog documenting her life as an ex-Muslim and what she endured at her home country in Lebanon. When she was a teen, she was forced to undergo a test to see if she was still a virgin by her parents. They sent her to a gynecologist who routinely conducted the test (and basically broke her Hippocratic oath to take care of her patients) and in her blog the member has written about this experience.
If you have a blog, you can trace what Google search terms lead to your blog. The author of the blog shared a list of terms that led people to her blog in the last 30 days only. It is pretty sickening and sad how obsessed with "virginity" and virginity tests people are in that culture. The following is a link to the image with a list of the search terms. The commentary isn't by me but by the author of the blog:

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